Products for peddlers

Mancini Tende Italia offers two types of products for peddlers, created with the finest materials that the market has to offer, among which stainless steel, which makes the installation lighter, as, being a noble material and having a high coefficient of resistance, it allows us to make thinner structures, thus giving more strength and less weight.

Going more into detail, the core product of the company is the Riducibile Inox (reducible tent made of stainless steel) which, with a double opening, eases both the opening and the closing even in hostile weather conditions. The tents tear-resistant fabric has a specific structure, which is not found on the market (microfibers Kevlar), and consequently a greater robustness and resistance to any weather conditions and collisions; it also gives a great lightning during sunny days.

Riducibile Inox

Mancini Tendes core product is Riducibile Inox: what makes this type of product unique is its extraordinary adaptability, without compromising quality and weight, indeed it is possible to make the Riducibile Inox in any size and it can be adapted to the vehicle on which it is installed with the possibility of being customized according to the customers requests.

Each tent is equipped with an electrical system according to the law, which is necessary for the opening and the closing of the tent, to manage the lightning system, as well as to avoid power surges while travelling. On request, it is possible to install the new LED lightning system which allows you to have a range of up to 8 hours.

For narrow parking spaces, such as the ones in the big cities, Mancini Tende offers a tents opening system limited to the length of the vehicle, which can eventually be extended in case of more space available.

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Fixed Evolution

The second product offered by Mancini Tende is the Fixed Evolution, a special type of tent that can boast a high resistance even in the most hostile situations; it is adaptable to both big and small trucks thanks to its simplified structure compared to the Riducibile Inox (it has fewer moving components).

Shown below are some installations made by Mancini Tende for sports teams.

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Extra-resistant professional Gazebos

Mancini Tende Italia offers these innovative professional gazebos that can be opened and closed superfast.

professional extra-resistant gazebo suitable for any eventuality

Professional extra-resistant gazebo suitable for any eventuality

For more information visit the dedicated professional gazebos page.

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