Our modus operandi, has always been based on the continuous search for innovation, choosing the best products available on the market to provide our customers with a top-quality product.


Over the latest years, we have made the cutting and welding of PVC more precise and durable, thanks to a cutting-edge technology applied to:banco da taglio computerizzato per pvc

  • the computerised cutting table that guarantees greater precision both in cutting and assembling;
  • the welders, designed for the maximum grip during the tents welding.

Always looking for the best material for its customers, Mancini Tende has devised a special tear-proof PVC, increasing even more the strength of its installations.


sistema idraulico con centralina monoblocco

A special consideration is also given to the plumbing installation, which represents the real driving force of Mancinis market tents.

The recently adopted monobloc control unit ensures maximum performance during the boost pressure, thus eliminating any energy losses of the circuit.

Hydraulics successful factors are:

  • higher speed;
  • better performance of the installation;
  • no oil leakage from the hydraulic pomp.

LED (lightning system)

The new led provide good natural light irradiation and a range of several hours.

Installations of LED stripes on each slat of the structure are available, as well as neon lightning or classical lightning spots as an alternative to LED technology.

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