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Mancini Tende Italia wants to keep improving, so as to give its customers a unique experience that no one else can give. If you are willing to share your experience of Mancini Tendes products with the staff and the people who visit our website, please do not hesitate to fill in the form and we will post your feedback on the website.

Mazza Maurizio

Customer since: 2004
Dear Mr. Mancini,
I would like to thank you for the INOXIDABILE awning I bought about 10 years ago (december 2004) and now, after 10 springs, 10 summers, 10 autumns and 10 winters is time to change the sheet with a tear resistant one.
When you choose the number you it’s normal to expect the top!
Thank you Mazza Maurizio


Cacioppo Luca

Operating since: 1990 in the confectioner sector
Mancini Tendes customer since: 2010

Why did you choose Mancini Tende Italia?

The local representative immediately conveyed me great confidence and seriousness, something that I could fully appreciate in the company during the negotiation, the installation and the after sale service.

Advantages of our products

High efficiency of the plumbing and electrical system.
Really reliable LED system with 7 hours of light guaranteed at full load.
Anti-pitching structure with significant blasts of wind the tent does not move!

Why do you feel to recommend Mancini Tende Italia?

Great impact on the audience and on my own customers, many of them have expressed sincere appreciation for my tent, as it conveys a great sense of brightness and cleanliness.