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More than 30 years experience

Tear-resistant PVC, stainless steel and light alloys

for a quality weather resistant awning

with electronic opening fully automated

adaptable to a wide range of vehicles

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Care for the environment is a priority.
Thanks to the photovoltaic generator, Mancini Tende Italia
use clear energy for the manufacturing process

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Automated opening and closing of the awning by pressing a button

Mancini Tende Italia, with its presence in the Italian markets of over 30 years, makes its experience available creating a wide range of fully automated equipment.

Mancini’s tents are made of technical materials, such as tear-resistant PVC, with great flexibility and resistance.
After an accurate evaluation, we only select the best materials, so as to guarantee strength and protection in any weather condition, as well as good stability in case of wind.

The main structure of the tent is made of stainless steel and light alloys, so as not to add too much weight to the vehicle.
The lightness of the structure allows us build equipment of outstanding dimensions, such as the ones made for sports teams.

Any material used and the equipment themselves are in compliance with the European Union regulations and are homologated according to the Highway Code.

In addition to the best technical-advanced materials, Mancini Tende offers:

  • Up to two years warranty on the tents of our production;
  • Free design and expert advice;
  • Customized equipment.

Moreover, we are able to work on old vehicles, building recessed boxes suitable for hosting the tent.



Since 2012, Mancini Tende Italia has been manufacturing its own products while respecting the environment, thanks to a photovoltaic system located on the roof of the company.


Thanks to the stainless steel and the specific and customizable tear-resistant fabric, tents are resistant to any kind of adversity. Moreover, they are 30% lighter compared to the ones commercially sold.